Return Policy - Orchid Vape

We do not offer any returns or exchanges. All sales are final. Orchid Vape stands behind all of our products and we do offer a limited time warranty on manufacture defects. 

Warranty Covers

The Orchid Vape warranty are determined by our staff in regards to manufacturing, workmanship and material defects. We have a standard 15 day warranty on all of our products, however in some cases we may extend the warranty on a per-case basis. 

What Is Not Covered Under Warranty?

  • Damaged products from negligence, misuse or improper storage
  • Damage from modification to the product 
  • Damage from a natural disaster 
  • Damage from eliquid 
  • Damage from battery 
  • Products no longer in your possession, including theft 
  • External damage from wear and tear 
  • Counterfeit products
  • Products not from original purchaser and auction style websites 
  • Color discrepancies; anodizing doesn't allow a perfect color match

    Resolving the Issue

    Orchid Vape will make every effort to correct the issue with you. However, in the case the troubleshooting fails, we will ask you to send the product to our facility. From there, we will attempt to repair the product. If Orchid Vape cannot repair the product, we will send out a replacement. 

    Are There Any Costs?

    The customer is responsible for paying any shipping charges. If it is determined that the product falls into our warranty policy, we will ship a replacement to you at no additional cost. In the case the product fails to meet our warranty policy, you are then responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to you. If you decide to decline the shipping the item back to you, then you forfeit the product. Orchid Vape is not responsible for paying any shipping costs that are not covered under the warranty. 

    Collecting Information

    Please send an email to

    Please include the following information so we can best assist you:
    • Name
    • Shipping address
    • Phone number
    • Where the product was purchased 
    • Photo of receipt
    • Photo of serial number on the product 
    • Photo of the certificate of authenticity 
    • Photo or video of issue
    • Description of the issue 

      What's Next?

      Our Orchid Vape customer service care team will contact you to correct the issue. If we cannot correct the issue at hand, we will then provide instructions on sending the item(s) to our facility. Please send back all item(s) cleaned and in the original packaging. We ask you to be open and honest with our customer service care team so we can better assist you.  Please refrain from using foul language. Orchid Vape reserves the right to deny any warranty request if our terms are not met.